Chairs Without Legs? All Over This House!

Some people like chairs with legs, and some don't...if you can find chairs without legs! These people had really eclectic taste when it came to decorating their home. While most people opt for chairs that have legs when decorating, that's not the chair of choice for this Texas mansion homeowner.

The internet has been blown away by this mansion and its 26 floating chairs throughout the home. A well-known architecture critique site called "McMansion Hell," caught wind of this design and it's founder Kate Wagner has created a ton of buzz about it.  Click HERE for the original tweet

Many people can't believe that the owner of this home would decorate it with chairs that have no legs. One person even commented that maybe a Roomba vacuum cleaner designed the home. It's certainly something that you won't see very often.

I would like to know how they stay suspended when you pull them out and sit on them! I guess I'll just have to wonder as I haven't been invited this this Texas mansion...unless I didn't get my word-less invitation yet!

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