A Baboon On His Way To Vasectomy Escapes..with Two Female Companions!

Animals can sense when danger is ahead, so did this male baboon know he was on his way to a vasectomy? The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia reports that the 15-year-old male baboon just may have sensed that a vasectomy was in his future. The male baboon escaped along with two female companions after they arrived at an Australian animal hospital. The trio ran amok on the hospital grounds. 

It appears a lock failed either on the truck or crate that was transporting the male and two female baboons just as they arrived at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. There's video that shows the group running alongside parked cars as stunned people looked on.  The three baboons in question were not at the facility for research purposes but were there so the older male could have a vasectomy so he could live "quietly and peacefully" with the rest of the troop, without any hanky panky.

People were calling a local radio station reporting what they were seeing from the hospital grounds. Police called in experts from the Taronga Zoo to help round up the rogue baboons. The group ended up getting sedated and brought back to the hospital.

A Sydney Local Health District spokesman said the male baboon spent yesterday resting, and is undergoing his procedure today. So now there will be no more monkey business..

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