My Cousins Facing Corona Virus in Italy

There are so many thoughts on corona virus. Some think it's nothing ..some are scared. The truth is, it's here, and we must take precautions. This story is about Italy in lockdown.

Here is a picture from 2017 of me and my cousin Paola in Italy when I visited. We were scootering around her town, and had so much fun. Much happier times.

This is what my cousin Barbara, who also lives in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy wrote to me yesterday about her home country:

[3/9, 5:00 PM]: Hi Val. About your post of Corona virus... it's official. Italy is in quarantine. all over the country.

I saw that many Americans think this is simply a flu...please be advised... it is not.

[3/9, 5:02 PM]: At the moment we are free from virus here in San Benedetto and we are fine. We cannot go to the restaurant...gym... museum.

[3/9, 5:03 PM]: We are working divided in two shift of six hours a day to avoid to be in close contact one another.

It is real there in Italy. Beautiful Italy... now a ghost town. Tourism, one of the constant boosts to their economy, is non-existent now. The hospitals are bursting with sick people. Don't be too flip about coronoa virus. Take precautions...wash your hands!! Stay home if you're sick.

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