What is the Bachelor's Mom Sobbing About? The Show Biz Buzz Tues, Mar 10

Last night on the Bachelor: Peter's family joins him in Australia, and he tells them about his final two women: Madison (who they already met at his parents earlier this season) and Hannah Ann. Peter explains the fantasy suite drama with Madison (he was intimate with another and the date collapsed. And oh, his dramatic mother! Click on me to hear her sobbing about who her son should pick...and that will be tonight on The Bachelor finale, Part 2.

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes has been ordered to check into a psychiatric facility after meeting with a judge over her parents control and her split from fiancé Paul Michael.

Dolly Parton still wants to push the envelope after 60 years in show biz.  

The country superstar told “60 Minutes Australia” that she would like to mark her 75th birthday next year on the cover of Playboy magazine, in which she first appeared in 1978 at age 32, in a black bustier!

Click on me below to hear all the details on the Show Biz Buzz.

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