The Philadelphia Zoo Presents "Philly Zoo at 2", And a New Baby Sloth Bear!

The Philadelphia Zoo is closed because of the corona virus of course, but that doesn't mean you still can't gather the kids around the laptop and see the animals!

Have you checked out the Zoo's Facebook page lately? Click HERE for the page, there's so much to see!

Last week the Zoo introduced to the world its newest addition - a delightful sloth bear cub-- born in December to Kayla, the Zoo’s 7-year-old female and 6-year old Bhalu. Click HERE to see the very first ever photos of the Sloth Bear Cub outdoors! And now you can enjoy the Zoo’s new Facebook Live Program- "Philly Zoo at 2", that included an exclusive introduction of the baby bear cub. Watch for future updates on the Sloth Bear Cub on Facebook Live Show "Philly Zoo at 2."

The Philadelphia Zoo has introduced the Spring Back Fund to help support the critical work at the Zoo that continues during this challenging time. Zoo staff continue to work endlessly - both onsite and remotely - to care for the animals - and this shut down affects the Zoo's future. The animals need your help, so if you want to donate to help the animals during this tough time, you can visit to donate to the Zoo’s 'Spring Back' Fund.

Visit the (virtual) Philadelphia Zoo, and if you can, donate too.

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