A "Tiger King" Mini Series Is Coming! The Show Biz Buzz Tues, March 31st

Are you watching "Tiger King" on Netflix? Oscar nominee Margot Robbie (yes, a woman!) is apparently one of the names in the frame to play Joe Exotic in the upcoming “Tiger King” miniseries.

Actor John Krasinski premiered “Some Good News” on YouTube, a show dedicated to sharing positive stories. It’s styled like a news show, and on the first episode he delighted fans of the office as he invited former co-star Steve Carell to join for his first installment.

Rap and pop star Lizzo sent lunch to the ER staff at a number of hospitals in Minnesota. Plus, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Sussex Royal pages have gone dark, and they have made their final post.

And Ariana Grande's Mom talks about her daughter's hair....

Click on me below tohear all of the details on the Show Biz Buzz!

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