Staying Well At Home

Topic: Staying Well At Home

Right now, staying well means staying home, but that doesn’t mean staying on the couch. Exercise can boost your mood, strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health. Video and online workouts, stretches, and in-home gym equipment can help keep you active. No gym equipment? Don’t despair. Those canned goods and jugs of water you stocked up on can double as hand weights. There are also plenty of ways to use your own body weight to get in a good workout. Try pushups, planks and squats. Take a few extra trips up and down the stairs. Get the kids involved too. A fun game of tag will reduce everyone’s stress level. Do jumping jacks or dance together. Take the dog for a walk but make sure to maintain social distance. Even digging in the dirt as you get the garden ready for spring will give you some cleansing fresh air and a sunnier outlook.

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