Is It Healthier To Give Up Shaving During Quarantine?

So you're self isolating and working from home these days like many of us are. And just being around the house, folks are forgoing a lot of basic habits including showering, and putting on pants or bras. Another basic habit people may have given up on is shaving, and not just men who growing out their beards. 

Whether it’s your face, armpits, or even your nether-regions, a lot of folks are getting a lot hairier as they are stuck at home. Are there downsides to the extra hair growth? Well, the answer is no, and in fact, there are upsides , and it may even be good for you.

Dr. Rachel Nazarian, an MD, and board-certified dermatologist says this: “Believe it or not, the hair that’s in our armpits, groin, and legs is actually evolutionarily serving its own helpful purpose." She also notes that the extra hair prevents skin irritation, and protects the body from chafing in many areas. Dr. Nazarian also says “Hair also prevents different pathogens from invading our body, such as in the pubic area.”

Another benefit? Your skin won’t get irritated from razor blades or razor burns. The doctor says “Letting your body hair grow is what nature intended. Shaving is much more problematic [than not] because of its risk of causing micro-breaks in the tissue and increasing your risk of infection.”

The Doc says the only real downside is for people who sweat a lot, since additional hair will worsen the problem. She suggests trying to keep the skin cool and dry to avoid the issue.

So we can all get hairy together, and it's healthy!

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