Churches With a Sense of Humor

It's Holy Week in the Christian calendar, and Passover at sundown tomorrow. These are serious religious holidays, but that doesn't mean your place of worship has to be.

So you thought church was a stuffy place? Think again, or I guess I should again!

Many church signs are showing a sense of humor in this time of isolation and corona virus. Here are some of the funniest coronavirus-related signs out there.

Church sign messages read:

  • “6 feet apart today is better than 6 feet under tomorrow.”
  • “We are praying and listening to the scientists.”
  • “Jesus road an ass into Jerusalem, keep yours at home.”
  • “Services canceled, God making house calls.”
  • “Jesus can wash away sin, but you’ve still got to wash your hands.”
  • “Wash your hands, don’t touch face. Hygenisis 24:7.”
  • “What’s not canceled nature, puzzles, chalk drawing, love, hope.”
  • “Wash your hands and say your prayers because Jesus and germs are everywhere.”
  • “Jesus cleans the heart, we disinfect the pew.”
  • “’Fear not – God,’ ‘Love one another – Jesus,’ ‘Wash your hands – CDC’.”

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