Medical Workers Post Photos Of Themselves On Their PPE To Reassure Patients

Some of the biggest heroes during this coronavirus crisis are the medical workers. Day in and day out they are on the front lines, helping those infected with COVID-19. While it is incredibly admirable, it is also incredibly dangerous because of how contagious the virus is. To stay safe, most medical staff wear personal protective equipment, or PPE. At times, it is uncomfortable to have on but necessary for them to stay healthy. It also can be a very scary and intimidating sight for patients since they aren't able to see the faces of their doctors, nurses and other health professionals.

One respiratory therapist had an idea though to help set his patients' minds at ease. His name is Robertino and he works with COVID-19 patients at a San Diego Hospital. He wanted everyone to see his smile, even though it was hidden behind a mask, so he stuck a color photograph of himself on his PPE. He shared a pic of the get-up on Instagram and in the caption explained, "A reassuring smile makes a big difference to a scared patient."

Just like his smile, the photo idea is spreading. Robertino posted on Instagram pictures of other medical workers who are following his lead and posting photos of themselves on their PPE.

Another group shared a pic on Reddit:

Of course it is not the only way to get that smile out there. There is some protective equipment that shows your face but they are hard to come by. Nonetheless, Robertino was able to get his hands on some and shared a pic of himself, and his smile, in them.

As if working hours on end with coronavirus patients wasn't enough to make these medical workers remarkable, they are still smiling through it all and making sure their smiles are seen too. Seems like more heroes are wearing PPE than capes these days.

Photo: Instagram/Captain_Wolf82, Reddit