Naomi Watts Rages In Epic Meltdown After Appliances In Her House Break

With most of America under stay at home orders to help slow the spread of coronavirus, plenty of people are getting stressed out over the hours on end stuck in their houses, and that includes celebrities. Sure Hollywood's A-list have spent the last three weeks in mansions with many more rooms than the average home, but that doesn't mean they can't be hit with cabin fever, and it seems to be really affecting Naomi Watts.

The 51-year-old Academy Award nominee is in self-isolation in Los Angeles. Overall she has been holding up okay but this week, her dishwasher, vacuum cleaner and printer all broke, and that all seems to have broken her. She shared her frustrations with her fans in a video on Instagram that showed her screaming in rage in slow motion. She captioned it, "Quarantine Day #756: When your printer, vacuum cleaner and dishwasher all break in the same day.... #ff."   

Watts' famous friends showed up in the comments with Julianne Moore writing, "Bad news," and Orange Is The New Black actress Marsha Stephanie Blake saying, "Noooooooooooo!! I'm feeling this pain! Sending love (and a fixit person in a hazmat suit?)."

Naomi has been keeping fans up to date on her quarantine and over the weekend, shared a photo of herself eating a huge portion of red velvet cake writing, "Quarantine PROTIP: EAT your feelings.."

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Photo: Instagram/NaomiWatts