Are You Still Brushing Your Teeth? I Hope So...

So many of us are working at home because of corona virus isolation. So, have our daily routines changed? Well, aside from heading out to the office or wherever you go each day they most certainly have. But how?

A new survey says:

20% of people are brushing their teeth less...that's not good!

1 in 3 are showering and doing laundry less.

91% are dressing more casually while working from home.

61% are doing their hair less. (we don't have a choice here as salons are closed!)

Staying healthy also seems to be a major issue people are dealing with:

19% are eating more to cope with anxiety.

54% are concerned about gaining weight.

44% claim they are less physically active. 

But not everyone has given up on their grooming and looks. That's because many have folks are connecting with folks at work via technology. In fact..

19% of folks are regularly wearing makeup.

Half of those polled dress up for video calls.

40% have altered the background of their video calls to make their home look better to co-workers.

Read the whole article HERE, as we adjust to our new normal...

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