Missing Touch? Then Snuggle Something!

If you're missing touch, you're not alone.  Being touched feels good to us because we are responding to the warmth of another body, and that toasty feeling can elicit the same biological responses as touch. That's what Melissa Hunt from University of Pennsylvania says. She's a clinical psychologist and associate director in the department of psychology there, so she should know. Hunt says warm tea, a cozy blanket, a heating pad or a hot shower or bath will all help.

Hug yourself. Massage yourself. Not only can rubbing yourself down help with stiffness, it also activates our parasympathetic nervous system and can help us calm down.

And snuggle something! Kids do, and they find stuffed animals soothing for a reason. Break out your old teddy bear or snuggle a pillow, especially as you fall asleep. Having something to hold will calm down your nighttime anxiety. Hey, it's not weird, it's HUMAN, and it works.