I Want To Date A Good Cook!

I'm married to a great cook so I know how important this is! It MUST be the language of love, because according to a new poll from Yahoo Finance, two-thirds of singles are more likely to want to go on a date with someone whose dating profile indicates they’re a good cook.

While there are a lot of things to consider while looking for love, a whopping 86% of Americans find cooking to be an attractive trait, while 71% of people say cooking is indeed their “love language." When it comes to the most romantic meal a partner can cook for them, the top choice is steak and potatoes, That's followed by pasta and garlic bread, then Chicken and vegetables, then pizza (28%) and salad (24%) Click HERE for the whole list.

And good luck finding that cooking mate. It really IS one of the things I love most about my better half.

Photo: Getty

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