We're Home, So What Recipes Are We Looking For The Most?

Spending more time in the kitchen these days? Who isn't?

Because we are home and eating up a storm, many of us have been looking for new recipes online. Google Trends says searches for recipes have trended up since March, with Sunday being their biggest day for recipe searches. What recipes are people looking up the most during the coronavirus pandemic?

So what does everyone want to cook right now? Banana bread is most popular, and comes in first. That's no surprise since people are baking all over social media.

And so, drum roll please! Here are Google Trend’s top 10 recipe-related searches since March 1st:

1.Banana bread recipe

2.Pancake recipe

3.Chicken recipes

4.Pizza dough recipe

5.Brownie recipe

6.“Recette crepe” (“crepe recipe” in French)

7.Meatloaf recipe

8.French toast recipe

9.Lasagna recipe

So eat hearty, but make sure you get some exercise, too, and work some of those calories off!

10.Cheesecake recipe

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