People Say they Can't Sleep Then They Say They Can't Wake Up?

We humans are always complaining about not being able to sleep, taking forever to fall asleep, and laying wide awake all night. But not everyone is dealing with no zzzzzz's. In a new survey by Mattress Nerd, some people say they need a lot of help when it comes to waking up in the morning. Most Americans set an alarm on their smartphone, although 24% still use an old-fashioned alarm clock. It takes most Americans two alarms and hitting snooze twice before they wake up! Then after that, it takes them another 24 minutes to actually get out of bed and start the day. The thing is that most people simply don’t love waking up in the morning, and are waking up in a bad mood because they stayed up too late, their mattress was not comfy, or their partner tossed and turned and maybe snored.

There ARE things that make people WANT to get up, like having exciting plans for the day, or just plain having your regular routine to look forward to.

Sweet dreams, but don't forget to set your alarm. Or two.