She Has The Biggest Lips In The World!

A woman from Bulgaria who has quadrupled the size of her lips has just undergone her twentieth lip injection and insists she'll keep going until hers are the biggest in the world. But it looks like they already are, and here's her creepy Instagram picture to prove it.

Andrea Ivanova has spent thousands of dollars at aesthetic clinics injecting fillers into her lips. She's considered a real-life Barbie, but even Barbie's lips aren't that big!.  She says she wants to be more fashionable. She also said there are no restrictions on what she can eat. I suppose that's true, as long as she can get the food past her lips!

Andrea admitted she has lost count of how much she has spent over the years and says that some doctors have told her she's had enough, but she's determined to keep going. I think these doctors should stop her already! What do you think?