Are You Shopping More Online During Quarantine?

We can't shop at our favorite stores like we use to, and let's face it, we're buying a lot more on line in the past several years anyway. Well, it turns out during the Covid 19 lockdown, impulse purchases are up while folks are under quarantine. 

There's a new survey that finds out a few things:

In the months before quarantine, Americans spent about $155.03 cents a month on impulse purchases. That number has gone up 18% to $182.98 since the quarantine started.

Three quarters of the people surveyed say an impulse buy has had a positive effect on their mood. (Well, then, if you can afford it, shop until you drop, I say...)

In fact, 71% surveyed say they plan to continue their increased rate of online shopping once the lockdown is over. 

Most people are buying cleaning supplies, they are at the top of the list. Also hand sanitizer, toilet paper, hand soap, canned food and dish detergent. Not everyone is practical with their shopping though, as people are also buying clothing or a treat they've had their eye on for a while. Other purchases include spending money on home improvements. Also popular are headphones, books, a new video game console. \

Shoes are on the list, too. You can always fit a new pair of shoes in the closet, can't you? Unless you're

Click HERE for the whole scoop on what you're spending.

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