Are You Looking At Your Screen More Than You're Looking At People?

Does a minute go by without you being in front of a screen? Some sort of screen, anyway. Well, a new survey reveals just how bad it’s gotten. (There's another this good or bad?) 

Anyway, in a new British poll, (that could have been taken anywhere):

The average adult will spend a total of 34 years looking at screens. 34 years!!! But think about it, how many screens do you have? That means it's 4,866 hours a year, or if you live to be just 62, 301,733 hours will be spent looking at phones, TVs, laptops and more.

That translates to more than 13 hours a day spent on screens, including:

Three and a half hours a day looking at TV, at least four hours in front of a laptop, 2 hours and 25 minutes staring at your phone. Plus, you probably spend an hour and 39 minutes on a tablet, not to mention time on e-readers and gaming devices. Most in the survey actually said half the time they are on these screens they aren’t being productive. Wow. Just think, you could have spent half the time...and that's a lot...talking to people and LOOKING at them. What a concept!

Of course, most said they wouldn’t be able to live without their screen time, especially now, and get anxious without it. I concur.

Click HERE for the full article on our screen time habits, and then go have a real convo with someone, won't you?

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