Have You Dropped Your Pants During Corona Virus?!

Online purchases have skyrocketed since the coronavirus quarantine began, And no surprise there, right? Aren't you shopping online a little more?

Since we can't go to stores, we have to buy online. But what are folks actually buying? Since people don’t have to go to the office or can’t go out socially, it seems pajama sales have increased 143%, whereas pants sales have seen a 13% decline. Click here for the CNN story.

So drop your pants ....and lose your bra! That's another item people aren't buying ....bras! Yes, bras, even though the prices have dropped 12%. Maybe buy one for later, when it's time to go out and back to work!

Seeing a huge spike in sales is booze, with online sales for wine, beer, and spirits up 74% between March 11th and April 21st. Creative audio equipment sales were also up, a whopping 459% last month.

So enjoy your drink in your pajamas, without your bra, while you're on zoom, or playing the latest video game, or telling your smart device "Play 106.1 The Breeze on IHeart Radio please..."

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