Who's Not Wearing Pants? Most People!

Did you drop your pants? I blogged before that sales of pants have seen a 13% decline since the coronavirus started, and most people haven't worn REAL pants in a while.

According to a new poll:

Two in three Americans say they don’t remember the last time they wore real pants.

In fact, of Americans working from home, 80% say they spend most of their day either in pajamas or some sort of other comfy clothing, and half say they have actually worked from bed, and spend close to four hours of their workday there!

This reason has three quarters of the folks polled saying they would rather work from home in the office. But with that, some people may be taking advantage, with near half saying that even while working from home they’ve been “late to work.”

Over half admit to taking a nap during the middle of the day. But not everyone is slacking off, with 70% saying they are actually more productive working from home than the office. Are you? By the way, when's the last time you changed your pajamas?

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