The Story of Tom Brady Is In The Works On ESPN

He is the G.O.A.T., and now ESPN will do a documentary to tell his story.

After the success of "The Last Dance", the 10 part series about Michael Jordan and the championship Chicago Bulls, the sports cable channel is producing a nine-part documentary series on the athlete considered to be the greatest of all time in his sport... quarterback Tom Brady.

There are no games these days because of the pandemic, so "The Last Dance" drew huge ratings for ESPN, in fact it was the most-watched ESPN documentary ever, averaging 5.6 million viewers throughout its run.

And now the focus is on Tom Brady. Titled "The Man in the Arena: Tom Brady," the next series will explore each of Brady's nine Super Bowl journeys with the New England Patriots, showing his perspective through his six titles and three Super Bowl losses.

Brady says: "Through the series, we're defining the key moments and challenges that were seemingly insurmountable, but through hard work and perseverance, became career-defining triumphs, in both victory and defeat." 

"The Last Dance" had led to a gold rush on Michael Jordan memoribilia, by the way, with fans demanding everything Jordan. MJ stuff has doubled, even tripled in value. Three months ago some versions of Jordan's 1986 rookie basketball card were selling for $40,000, now they are nearing $100,000!

"The Man in the Arena: Tom Brady" will be released next year.

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