Will Bryan Cranston Replace Alex Trebek on "Jeopardy?"

If you’re a fan of “Jeopardy”, you probably agree that Alex Trebek will forever reign as one of the most popular game show hosts. He’s dignified, smart and soothing, and his pipes…that voice.. have become nearly as iconic as the “Jeopardy” theme music.Generations of fans have been watching him.

Alex has been battling pancreatic cancer and there’s the possibility that he will have to leave the show in the near future.It turns out fans have very strong opinions about who should replace the great Trebek.They chatted about it on the discussion web page Reddit recently.

Although Trebek has stated that retirement is not in his short-term plan, he did admit that he has been giving some thought as to who should replace him, and has tossed out names like Ken Jennings, the winningest contestant of all.

Fans have come up with big name stars like like Bryan Cranston and Christopher Walken, and also liked Alex’s idea of Ken Jennings, Ann Curry, David Faber, Paul F.Tompkins and LeVar Burton were also suggested.One thing that fans were all in agreement on is the fact that “Jeopardy” requires a more intellectual type of host, rather than a pure entertainer. 

The fact is no fan of the show wants Trebek to step away from the role that he made so famous..that’s why fans takes the matter of his replacement pretty seriously.

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