You Won't Believe What People Have Left Behind in An Uber Car! A Mannequin?

Uber is offering a new service, Uber Hourly, where you can rent a car for a day for $50 bucks an hour for up to 8 hours. It’s available in Philadelphia, so when we get back to going out and calling a Uber, make sure you don’t leave anything in that car, because if you’re in it all day, chances are you might.

Maybe you’ve already called Uber’s help line after leaving your phone or wallet in a car, and you’re not the only one. They are two of the most commonly forgotten items says the ride service.

It turns out booze filled holidays like New Year's and Halloween are the most forgetful days of the year, and people mostly forget their watches on Mondays, their passports on Fridays, and cakes on Sundays.

But that’s nothing! Some once left an entire tank full of fish. How do you even carry that?

Look at this list of weird stuff riders left behind:

An 8-week-old coffee-colored Chihuahua, a full set of 18-carat gold teeth, a fog machine, a salmon head, a mannequin, a propane tank, a bejeweled Elvis Presley cape, a shopping cart! That must have been an SUV!

To see the whole bizarre list, click HERE.And once we get back to calling an Uber, look around before you get out of the car!

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