Hand Washing Fatigue Is A Real Thing

Are you getting sick of washing your hands? Are you going outside more and ignoring social distance rules? Well, you're not alone.

This is called "caution fatigue" — and you have your brain to blame.

In the beginning of the pandemic, when we were all vigilant with the rules to make sure we didn't get infected with the coronavirus or infect others, the threat was new and urgent to your brain, says a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. The human instinct for self-preservation, and just plain fresh fear motivated you to follow the recommended safety precautions.

Three months later, though, it seems the sense of immediacy may have faded. We humans become impatient with warnings, and start to de-emphasize the actual risk in our minds. In doing that, we then bend rules or stop safety behaviors like washing hands, wearing masks and social distancing. And that seems to be happening, for sure.

Click HERE for the CNN article on why you're feeling the way you feel about all the warnings we have to follow.

So, when the brain's alarm system has gone off, you don't know if the threat is real or not. It is real alright, but your brain doesn't want to believe it. It's the brain's way to manage the threat. It's not a good idea to let up now, though, as Covid 19 is still lurking around and will be here until a vaccine is available.

Finally, take a moment to breathe, says the experts. The simple act of meditative breathing helps us cope.

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