Celebs Are Getting Roasted For The “I Take Responsibility” PSA

Kristen Bell, Aaron Paul, Julianne Moore, Stanley Tucci and more actors are appearing in the new "I Take Responsibility" PSA, and many feel it's not genuine, and the actors are "acting".

In the PSA, made in partnership with the NAACP, stars talk directly to the camera in black and white, pledging to “take responsibility” for their part in racism, whether it be “unchecked moments” or “turning a blind eye,” and start calling it out when they see it.

Despite their best intentions, their words aren’t going over well in the Twitterverse. One person tweeted: "Just donate to the Black Lives Matter movement, and save your viral videos." Another tweets: "Talking earnestly for 30 seconds on a cellphone video is not taking responsibility. Donating your money, marching in protests, signing and signal-boosting petitions...that is how you take responsibility."

See the video below, and make up your own mind..

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