What Are The Most..and Least Risky Activities To Contract Corona Virus?

We're still in a pandemic, so how risky is it really for all of us to start resuming our normal lives? 

A survey of four public health experts in Michigan say some activities are definitely more risky than others. These experts suggest keeping a few things in mind before deciding on an activity - like how close you are to people; the likelihood others will practice safe behavior; indoors or out; exposure time, and personal health risks. Bars and concerts are the most risky activities, and many are not open yet, while ordering take out and playing tennis are the least risky.

The survey ranked activities based on a risk scale of 1 to ten, and here are some of the most and least risky activities out there:

Bars and large concerts – 9

Sports stadiums, gyms, amusement parks, churches and buffets – 8

Public pools – 7

Movie theaters, hair salons and barbershops – 6

Planes, beaches, bowling alleys and backyard BBQs – 5

Busy city sidewalks and dentist offices – 4

Libraries/museums, grocery stores, hotels and golf courses – 3

Pumping gas, walking/running and biking – 3

Restaurant takeout and tennis – 1

So pick up that racket, and get some take out tonight. And please wear a mask.

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