Many Will Torture Themselves Before They Turn On The AC

"Nice weather, huh?" It turns out three quarters of Americans admit that weather is the go-to topic when they are making small talk.

It also turns out something called "thermostat etiquette" exists, and more than half of Americans surveyed will actually deal with five sleepless, sweaty nights before finally giving in and turning on the air conditioner! Is this you?

I think this is so funny...that 55% admit to feeling “defeated” when they finally have to turn the AC on! What?? It must be about paying the bill, because what else would you be defeated about? Sweating? Read the whole survey HERE.

Here's more: One in seven will actually hold out until August before finally giving into the air conditioner. And it's pretty hot by then. Almost half of Americans would never date someone who didn’t share their "thermostat etiquette", so yes, it's a real thing. Keep cool!

Photo: Getty

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