"Dig" Is A Dating App For Dog Lovers

Hey dog lover! Looking for a date with someone who loves dogs just as much as you do? Then it's time for you to check out the new dog-lover dating app, Dig.

The app is made for people who "live a dog-forward lifestyle", say it's creators, and want to romantically connect with someone of a similar pooch mindset.

Sometimes things may not turn out like you want if you date someone who's not into your dog. Dig is built to connect dog people on what’s most important to them...their dog!

Are you a dog lover or dog owner? You say that when you join the app. Then, Dig presents users with five potential dates every day, and then they indicate whether they "dig," "really dig," or "pass" on the matches. Once two people 'dig" each other, Dig suggests fun, dog-friendly date ideas for the perfect first date.

There's a lot of canine love out there, because over 100,000 people have already turned to Dig to find love!

Click HERE for more info on the app from People.com.

Finally, recent surveys have shown a positive correlation between dog ownership and dating. Dig? Yes! If you're looking for love with a dog attached, then go for it, and good luck with Dig.

Photo: Valerie Knight

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