Loving Your Car During Quarantine

Are you on edge? Well, being stuck in the house all day during coronavirus quarantine, especially with kids, can make you a bit stir crazy, and a new report says many people found refuge from that stress in their vehicles.

In fact, in a poll, 80% of Americans say they feel safe in their cars right now vs. any other types of transportation, and many say they used their car as a mental health escape during quarantine. How?

They drove around the neighborhood, or took long drives to clear their head. Some just sat in their car outside their house to relieve stress, listening to music or an audiobook.

So if Americans feel safe in their cars, where's the place they don't feel safe? Public transportation!

Over half polled fear riding buses, and many are worried about getting into rideshares/taxis. Many say they would feel more comfortable on the bus after a vaccine for corona virus is available.

I'll feel comfortable anywhere after a vaccine is available!

When it comes to flying, many say they'll feel safer with temperature screening processes at airports, and saying goodbye to the middle seat forever.

Check out the whole survey HERE, and enjoy your car...

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