Are We Kissing Lipstick Goodbye?

I love lipstick, and I have so many tubes and colors. A little lipstick can add a spark to your life, but not so much anymore, now that face masks are covering the lower half of our faces! Lately, I'll put it on, and then sadly realize I won't be able to see it under my mask, and it's probably going to smear all over me and the mask.

Could the wearing of face masks, which we'll be doing for the foreseeable future, mean the end of lipstick as we know it? Say it isn't so! Lip cosmetics have been one of the ways for women and men to express themselves, to lift their spirits, to make their face stand out in the crowd.

USA Today says cosmetic makers are nervously eyeing sales figures that are expected to fall this year, maybe as much as 11%, according to one market prediction.

The pandemic in general and face masks in particular have slowed the impulse to buy and adorn ourselves in lip color. But don't give up yet!  If you have a zoom date, you still need lipstick, and many women use beauty products as an escape, to make us feel better, and to resume a sense of the normal.

Do you like your lips bold and bright? Or pale and light? It turns out many consumers are foregoing bold color in favor of mere lip gloss under their face masks, and for obvious reasons....smears on the mask, smears on your face.

Now face-mask wearers are rushing to learn more about non-smear products already on the market.  Or another idea? You can shift to more dramatic eye makeup.

One thing is for sure. While the world is on hold, we are constantly trying out things to make us feel better. Online sales of beauty products have increased during the pandemic...but not enough to offset to closure of stores. Coronavirus has forced of millions of beauty consumers, most staying at home and maybe furloughed or jobless now, to wonder whether it's worth it to buy lip color now that they only leave the house for the weekly grocery run.  But can we survive this new plague era without it? Click HERE for the whole lipstick article from USA Today. 

One thing is for sure, a little lipstick adds some spark to your life!

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