What's the Top Word of 2020?

I love words. I'm always running to the dictionary to learn new words and meanings.

So, here’s some news that probably won't come as a shock to many, and it certainly isn't shock to me. A new report by Global Language Monitor (click for the Top 50) says we're only half way through 2020, and 'covid' has emerged as the Top Word of the Year.

In fact, 'covid' has outranked all previous Words of the Year in the 21st century by a factor of 100 or more! It's also not surprising that six of the Top Ten words of the year are all Covid-related, including 'COVID-19,' 'Coronavirus,' 'Corona,' 'face mask' and 'social distancing.' Yes, we sure hear them ALOT. There are other corona related words in the Top 50. They include 'flatten the curve,' 'lockdown,' 'symptoms' and 'outbreak.'

Here are the Top 10 words:

  1. Covid
  2. Covid-19
  3. Coronavirus
  4. Corona
  5. Face mask
  6. Progress
  7. Truth
  8. Social distancing
  9. Trade war
  10. Sustainability

So what the 50th Top Word? Well, it's more than one word...it's Dr, Deborah Birx. I'll bet the Coronavirus Response Coordinator from White House Task Force never though she'd be a Top Word. Dr. Anthony Fauci, by the way, is #43.

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