Your Dog Is Older Than You Think

I always thought to figure out how old your dog is in human years, you multiply the dog’s age by seven, right? Wrong!

Lots of luck calculating this in your head: Science News says multiply the natural logarithm of the dog’s age by 16, then add 31. Researchers just recently released this new report with this new formula. .

As animals get older, tiny chemical tags get added and removed from DNA. Scientists say these changes can be used to determine biological age. Scientists can even compare changes across species.... researchers compared 320 humans, ages 1 to 103 years, with those of 104 Labrador retrievers, ages 5 weeks to 16 years.

They say the relationship between human and dog years changes over time. Puppies develop much faster than humans, but as dogs get older, their aging curve begins to flatten. An 8-week-old puppy is roughly the same age as a 9-month-old human. A 1-year-old dog corresponds to around 31 human years! We always thought it was seven years, right? And this: a 4-year-old pooch is closer to a 53-year-old human. This new human/dog math lines up a 12 year old Lab with the average 70-year human life span. The study only focused on Labrador retrievers, and since life spans vary between breeds, more study is needed to find out the real age of your very good dog.

Before you say "What??" Click HERE for a chart to help you understand how a dog's years translate to human years.

Photo of Sandi by Valerie Knight

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