Woman Pees On The Floor Of A Verizon Store After Refusing To Wear a Mask

Talk about being pissed off.....a California Verizon store’s mask-wearing rule made a woman so mad that she actually dropped her pants and urinated on the store floor. 

The message to a police dispatch operator told officers that this woman was refusing to leave the store and not wearing a mask, and they asked her several times. Then the operator said: “They’re calling back and advising that the female is pulling down her pants and is now urinating inside the business.”

Officers responded and collared the perp. The woman should have complied for obvious reasons, to protect from Corona of course, but also because she was a thief and got herself caught. The cops found several items that had been stolen from a nearby Dick’s Sporting Goods store in her car! A Verizon representative wouldn’t comment further.

Geez...just wear a mask!

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