Cabbage Keeps the Covid Away!

Do you like cabbage? Well, if not, you should start to, because compounds in cabbage could help fight the corona virus, and help build your resistance to catching covid.

There's a new study in France that says foods containing raw and fermented cabbage may be beneficial against the corona virus by reducing the levels of a compound that helps the virus infect the body. These foods include raw cabbage, or pickled in sauerkraut or mixed into coleslaw, as well as cucumber and kimchi, the Korean delicacy made from pickled cabbage and other veggies. The European researchers said the abundant antioxidants in the vegetables could explain why countries where cabbage is a key part of the national diet, like Germany and South Korea, had lower fatality rates than hard-hit countries such as the United States. Other countries that eat a lot of cabbage have lower rates of infection, Austria, The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, the Baltic states and Finland...all the people there eat a lot of cabbage.

So if you are what you eat, (and now you can call me cabbage head), you can protect against the corona virus by getting those cabbage recipes lined up to eat often.