Val's First Visit To the Breeze Studios Since March!

I visited the very quiet Breeze air studio yesterday to pick up my Nemours Opening Day Phillies Headband. I hadn't been there since March!

So I masked up, trekked into the I Heart building in Bala Cynwyd, and it was so good to see some folks I haven't's just so great to see people, period! I mean, I love my husband and my mom, but I love my work people.

I Heart Philadelphia has several stations under it's umbrella, and some select folks have been working there all along...a very few. Watch and see who I saw.

It's not bad working at the home studio, there are a lot of advantages. But this radio girl sure misses the pure excitement of working in the real deal 106.1 Breeze studio.

Click on me to check out the tour, and I'll see you mornings on The Breeze!

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