Get Rid Of Mask Breath By Doing This

We have to wear masks in the COVID-19 environment, and now because of that, we all know how our breath smells sometimes, and it's not always so good. That usually means you need better dental hygiene. You can battle bad mask breath by brushing your teeth twice a day. I do...

It turns out, though, that tooth brushing habits are not so good for many. 35% Americans polled admit they don’t brush their teeth twice a day, nearly one in 10 say they don’t even brush once a day. Ew! I guess if folks don't brush, they certainly don't floss. Ew!

But three quarters of peeps say they have to brush their teeth otherwise they’ll feel “off”. While some struggle to remember to brush twice a day, 81% say bad breath is a major turn off, and now mask breath is really grossing them out. So start brushing more! Dr. Squatch, a company that sells toothpaste and toothbrushes, say the face mask eye opener should help people make tooth brushing a daily routine. I sure hope so. Now that we have to wear that mask to fight corona virus, minty fresh breath is a much more pleasant alternative.