Would You Divorce Your Spouse Over This?

Becoming a surrogate, carrying a baby for someone else, is a HUGE decision, so don't you think you should tell your spouse you want to do this, even if it's for your sister?

Here's a lady didn’t tell her husband, and he is not happy about it. Not at all!

On Reddit, the man shared that in seven years of marriage, his wife has had a history of making important life decisions without him. Like after having their first baby, she decided not to go back to work without even discussing it with him. She did the same thing with their second child, too.

So now that their second kid is about to turn four, husband was getting ready to talk to wife about going back to work, especially since she’s always berating him about not spending enough time with the kids, and not helping around the house. He's says this is because he’s the only one working. Things were already tense, and now getting worse.

Here's the story: The woman recently told their kids they were about to have a little cousin, so her husband assumed the wife’s sister was pregnant. But no! You see, the sister needed a surrogate and so the DIY wife offered to do it for free, again, without discussing it with hubby...... and she was already 4 months pregnant!

The guy shared his frustration on the social discussion site Reddit, and says he is fuming and thinking of divorce, but doesn't want to split up because of the kids. As for Reddit, every comment showed people were seriously shocked by the wife’s actions. I know I'm wishing that guy good luck with that wife, and with his decision.

What do you think?

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