Need A Date? Buy a Billboard! This Guy Did

A man fed up with dating apps has rented a huge billboard ad to try and find a girlfriend.

24 year old Leon Hendrix is from Texas and says dating apps are too time consuming, so he got a good deal and put his face on a billboard.

The entrepreneur has even set up a website where potential dates are required to fill in a short application. Leon is even offering a $5,000 'referral fee' to anyone who recommends a date who ends up becoming his partner.

Sounds like a job ad, doesn't it?

Well, get this: Leon received 617 applications less than a week after launching, and now has the gigantic task of sifting through in the hope of finding love. It sounds like meeting the woman of his dreams will, in fact, be more time consuming than a dating app after all.

Leon says it initially started off as a joke, but now it has turned into a fun way to potentially find that special someone. When he starts sifting through the ladies, he says he'll start with a phone call, then maybe coffee, then he'll see where each potential significant other goes from there.

Good luck Leon, there must be someone for you in all the applicants.

Click HERE to read the whole article about the guy on the billboard looking for love.

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