Getting Weighed Before You Go Into A Restaurant!

They say it was in response to a national crackdown of food waste, but come on....stand on a scale before you spend your money to eat in a restaurant? Yes, believe it or not, a restaurant in China was doing just that, checking your weight! It caused so much backlash they are now apologizing for their actions. Talk about an embarrassing situation!

Once the beef restaurant in Changsha, China actually began weighing their customers as they entered the establishment, their weight was submitted to an app, the restaurant gave them meal suggestions based on an item’s caloric content. They even urged their customers to “be thrifty and diligent, promote empty plates” calling the campaign, “operation empty plate.” What? Wow.

The restaurant got blasted for it all over the social media platform called Weibo. 

The restaurant has apologized, and says they were “deeply sorry” for causing any offense. They say they're "original intentions were to advocate stopping waste and ordering food in a healthy way."

Good intentions turned really bad!

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