Gritty Goes To The Wrong Toronto

The Flyers' mascot Gritty made it to Toronto on Sunday. He just went to the wrong Toronto.

The Grit Man mistakenly went to Toronto, Ohio, while trying to support the team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. (Round 2 in the Stanley Cup playoffs starts tonight...Flyers against the New York Islanders after the Flyers took the first series against the Montreal Canadiens)

Gritty left for 'Toronto' Sunday morning, tweeting he was on his way to the East hub city ahead of the Flyers' Eastern Conference Second Round series against the Islanders.  He shared his trip with fans, which included rock skipping in the "Niagara River" and scootering through town. 

But he took a wrong turn, and ended up about 340 miles southwest in the American city of Toronto ...population 5,000 ...instead of Canada's largest city Toronto...population 3 million!

Gritty says he's learned from this, and will now be an even better mascot. (because of bad navigation?) He will hopefully be back in Philly tonight to watch the game at 7pm.

To quoote Gritty: "The quest continues. To quote my old friend Bono, 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for.'"

Go Flyers!!!!!!

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