Flushing 11 Grand Down The Toilet

Many Americans say they feel guilty about their use of single use products, but what are you supposed to do with toilet paper? Re-use it? Ew.....

The average person spends over $11,000 during a lifetime on toilet paper, which is about $182 a year. That figure went up an additional $15 a month during the COVID crisis, I suppose because we are home more, flushing more....

While three quarters of those polled say they try to lead a “sustainable” lifestyle, lots of us wish we could save more money on single use household items. Yes, we use, but we are guilty about it.

Check out these stats: Americans use about 159 rolls of toilet paper annually. Over a lifetime, we spend this on single use items: Paper towels – $10,518.82.....Hygienic wipes – $9,469.15...Plastic bags – $9,402.62.

To conserve, you can use the real thing instead of throw away on these items: Paper plates – $8,619.07...Disposable razors – $8,537.76...Plastic cutlery – $8,005.54 

Wow, so much trash here, I feel the guilt washing over me...get me a real towel...not a paper towel!

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