It's Hard Losing A Beloved Pet...Our Sandi

This is our dear sweet Sandi, who left us last week after a great and happy life. She would have been 16 in November, a pretty good run for a 40 lb dog. But she had been deaf and blind for some time; when I think back, I can't believe for about two plus years. Then she just became slower and slower, couldn't make it to the door anymore to tell us she had to go out...couldn't run and jump and play like she did for so many years.

It was hard, so hard, watching her lose the spring in her step, the twinkle in he eye. She couldn't eat or drink without assistance, we needed to carry her up and down the steps, and it was hard and heartbreaking.

I am sharing Sandi's passing with you because I have been talking about her and sharing pictures for many years on the radio, and so many have recalled that on my Facebook post telling you the sad news. I also know so many have gone through losing a beloved pet and share my sadness. It's the hardest thing ever. RIP to our dear, sweet Sandi, always in our hearts.