Here's What Happens When You Go to Taco Bell Naked

The Oklahoma City Police Department recently went to a local Taco Bell....not for a free taco grande....but because there was a naked man going through the drive-thru!

61 year old Christopher Sale was in his vehicle driving through buck naked...yes, in his birthday suit. The naked dude paid for his order, then reportedly asked the employees for an additional taco. One of the employees was not comfortable with this so another employee obliged. But then he then asked for more sauce, and wouldn't drive through the drive-thru. Then Mr. Naked asked for napkins after receiving the sauce. He eventually left the drive-thru, only to come back and ask for more sauce for his food. That's when employees called the cops.

Police detained the naked Mr. Sale, who told them that he was hungry and that all of his clothes were in the washer. He also stated to the police that he "didn't know it was against the law to drive naked." Now he knows! Good thing he didn't drop the chalupa!