Oh No! No Peeps For The Holidays!

This is not good news, PEEPS lovers! For the first time since Halloween PEEPS were introduced in 1958, they won’t be available this year. This darn pandemic has turned 2020 upside down, including the Just Born company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania who makes the PEEPS. Just Born says there will be no Christmas PEEPS this year, either. But, they do plan on having their complete selection of Easter PEEPS available for Spring 2021. Hallelujah!

Speaking of Halloween, it's right around the corner, and here are some safety tips during these pandemic times.

1.Select candy that is individually wrapped such as popcorn balls, fun-size Snicker’s bars, and the many varieties of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

2.Sanitize your hands before placing individually wrapped candy in bowls or containers and use tongs or utensils to hand out candy to avoid unnecessary contact.

3.This year, refrain from buying unwrapped candy in bulk and making your own goodie bags.

4.When greeting visitors, wear appropriate face coverings and maintain physical distancing.

5.Sanitize your hands often and sanitize any frequently touched surfaces on a regular basis to keep your home safe for all visitors.

Happy Halloween! (PEEP-less, sorry)

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