Hide The Work On Your Face With Your Mask! So Many Are..

Have you been thinking about filler, botox, liposuction....possibly a full face lift? It turns out the mask has been a beneficial tool for recovery!

Plastic surgery patients are saying that the obligatory mask has been the biggest benefit of getting work done on their faces now, even convincing those on the fence about getting a nose job or facelift to go ahead. One New York doctor said It allows people to have a seamless recovery because they don’t have to hide. Plus, they feel a lot less self-conscious entering the healing process knowing they’re not on display.

In fact, get this...once doctors’ offices reopened earlier this summer after forced shutdowns, plastic surgeons say they could hardly keep up with the demand for nips and tucks for months. One New York doctor said July was his busiest month in his nine years of practice!

So if you've been thinking about getting work done to your face, wear that mask! And like the guy in the picture, you can put your sunglasses on,too! Not only will your mask protect you from getting sick, it'll hide your face while you recover (from a a little something something here and there......)

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