Santa May Lose His Mall Gig Because Of Covid

Oh no! Corona virus could be putting the kibosh on a big tradition: Santa Claus in the mall. Santas usually have packed schedules between November and December, but many are already reporting a steep cut in bookings. says they expect bookings to be down between 25 and 40-percent. A Santa call make as much as $10-thousand dollars in a good year....but not this year. Many venues and malls are still finalizing their plans, so all may not be lost. Simon Property group, which owns several malls in our area and across the country says that kids can visit Santa at their locations. Check your local mall.

I hear that many Santas are even willing to do personal visits...with social distancing, of course. What about Santa on Zoom? Why not? We're using Zoom for everything else. As Christmas approaches, we'll find out. Hey....not even 2020 can keep Santa away, because you know he sees you when you're sleeping...

(By the way, "I Am Santa Claus" is a great, fun and entertaining documentary about a year in the life of five men who portray Santa Claus. It's directed by the talented Tommy Avallone, a filmmaker from South Jersey.)