Did That Parrot Just Tell Me To **** Off?

Can you imagine strolling through a wildlife park and hearing a parrot tell you to 'f**k off?' It's true, and it happened in a British wildlife park.

The foul-mouthed feathered friends were split up after they launched a bunch of different expletives to park visitors. The 5 African grey parrots were donated, all from different owners, to the Lincoln Wildlife Park in Eastern England, and just days after settling in, the head of the park says they "went ballistic, they were all swearing" at workers, at everyone who walked by. He said they called him a 'fat ****' every time he walked past.

Now, this may make you laugh, it makes me laugh, but it wasn't so funny as there were children exposed to the blurting birds.

These five birds named Eric, Jade, Tyson, Elsie & Billy had different owners but were quarantined together before they were put on display. Did they teach each other these foul words? Well, the fact is that somebody taught them!

Visitors didn't take the abuse, either, and were giving it right back to them. Can you even imagine the scene in that idyllic setting?

The birds have been removed because of concern for the younger customers. They have also been split up, in the hopes they can return and their language will become more family friendly.

African grey parrots can live to be 60 years old. That's a lot of years of telling people to '****off.'

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