Is Britney Spears Comatose?

Britney Spears conservatorship case goes on...her father Jamie is still in charge of her financial affairs. But at a hearing this week, the routine stuff turned into something else when the judge starting asking her lawyer questions about Britney wanting a co-conservator to work alongside her father. That's when Britney's lawyer, Sam Ingham, says she lacks the mental capacity to sign a sworn statement in this case...comparing Brit's inability to sign a document to a comatose patient!

Her lawyer told the judge that Britney says she doesn't want to perform anymore...while her father is intent on her resuming her career. That's when the judge started asking if Miss Spears could sign a declaration about what she wants to do with her put it in writing so he could see it.

Nope, said the lawyer. While he said she is not actually comatose "by any means," he said she doesn't have the capacity to sign a legal document, and he has to do the talking for her.

It's a good thing Britney could sing and dance...

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