Are you Afraid You'll Burn Your Turkey?

Staying home this Thanksgiving and cooking for the first time in a long time?

A lot of people are not traveling to visit family this Thanksgiving and will be cooking their Thanksgiving feast for the first time. Some are a bit worried about that.  In fact, a Campbell's soup survey finds 66% of would be chefs are worried about suffering an epic cooking fail.

The survey also finds 22% will be first-time Thanksgiving hosts. Most people are looking to make things as stress-free as possible, and because of that, 80% of consumers are expecting to use online grocery shopping services, 25% more than last year! Sure why not? Let someone else do the work so you don't get the blame for messing up that green bean casserole! Although many say green bean casserole is the top “no fail” dish.

When it comes to what food they’ll cook, 77% said mashed potatoes is their favorite Thanksgiving side dish. Bring on the mashers! And try to to mess them up.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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